Monday, August 5, 2013

Through the Woods

It has been so HOT at home lately! Welcome to summer in Arizona I guess! It was sooo nice to be able to get away and go camping this past weekend! We took the kids and the dogs & half our house (or so it seemed) to the Black Canyon Lake area and met the Mister's family to camp for a few days. 

We had a lot of fun! I didn't take pictures of a few parts of our camping trip that I would like to mention.  The Mr. and his brother spent a good chunk of time wearing ponchos in the rain digging trenches.  That part was not so fun.  My FIL got sick.  That part was not so fun.  Then my little Buddy seemed to be under the weather as well.  But, camping is always fun, and being in nature is what we live for around here!

I also did not take a picture of me trying this little bad boy out...for obvious reasons, the camera was not welcome when I tested it out.

Seattle Sports Solar Camp Shower (Hot Water from the Sun):

I left the water on the hood of our truck for a few hours.  It was cloudy so I was super worried that I was going to FREEZE! Everyone thought I was crazy for not taking a shower in my in-law's 5th wheel. Call me crazy, but I wanted to try this out. 

When it came time to shower, even though the sun hadn't been really shining, the water was pleasantly luke warm and wasn't cold at all! I thought I needed to rush since I had limited water, so I skimped on water as much as I could.  Result: I had more than half the original water left when I was done, so it left me wondering...Do I stop the shower now?? Or, do I stay under the water and enjoy?!?! I decided to stop the shower because I heard little Ten crying, but overall I loved it! It was definitely a keeper. (PS--I bought this product and no one is paying me to use it or review it).

Now, in no particular order, please enjoy the pictures!

 Here I am getting a little archery practice in.  For those who are curious, I'm shooting a Diamond Razor Edge bow.  The Mr. bought it for me when we were dating.  I need more practice!

Here's little Buddy blowing bubbles with Grandpa.  These are the Crayola Giant Outdoor Colored Bubbles. Would I recommend them?? No.  They did have a hint more color than regular bubbles, but not enough to make the price difference worth it.  Besides, as a mother I kept freaking out that the drips getting all over little Buddy's clothes were going to stain. That reminds me that I need to check his clothes to see if they did.

Fort made out of logs, sticks, and pine needles with Uncle T & Lobo (the Yorky).  Highly recommended! Awesome!

S'mores! The Mr. & I like the toasted coconut marshmallows.  Couldn't even get little Buddy to take a bite.  He's a picky eater!

Never fear! Little Ten will eat the S'more.  She's my good eater! We had to confiscate the s'more before she ate the whole thing! S'mores really aren't for babies if you didn't know! He he!

One of the activities that we really enjoyed was taking our German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) out. We catch wild pigeons (read: rats with wings) at home and then use them to train our dogs. Our dogs performed better than expected.  They have gotten a little rusty over the summer.  Between the Mr. studying for his CT boards (he passed today! yay!) and the hot weather (dogs can't smell as well in hot weather because they need moisture to smell), the dogs haven't really seen a lot of practice. They did AWESOME!

Hide on point

Seek on point

Pepper (our baby GSP) practicing retrieving a dead bird.