Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The never ending project...a dog MANSION story

My life lately has felt a bit lonely! The dog house is taking a lot of my husband's attention and I will be SO HAPPY when this thing is finished for multiple reasons. 

1) I will get my husband back. 
2) I will get my side of the yard back. 
3) The dogs will have air conditioning and will have no need to come in the house this summer (our weather is too hot to let them stay outside during the hot summer months.) 
4) Because this dog mansion will have 3 dog doors and the ability to section each area off, we will be able to use it when puppies are born as well. (Read: no puppy poop in my house! YAY! And no small children poking puppies.) 

The Favorite originally had plans to build with wood, sheetrock, etc. (like our house.)  But, a friend taught him how to lay block and the project transformed. 

The walls were finally up! Working on the stucco in this picture! 

Stucco work!
Cinder block does not have a very high R value (meaning it's not very insulated.)  Running an air conditioner into our Dog Mansion would not be very efficient (read: would cost a lot more $$) without additional insulation.  So, the Favorite decided to add more insulation and OSB to the inside! Stay tuned! He's not done with that wall yet. More dog proofing to come.

The inside so far. Lights and outlets in. Insulation and OSB up on one side.

He has installed outlets and a light inside the Dog Mansion for future use.  Checking on puppies in the dark might be a little hard without a light. And if he needs a heat lamp for the puppies, the outlets will come in handy.

The roof is now insulated with fiberglass insulation and is just lacking some shingles! 

He's had LOTS and LOTS of help from 2 very small workers. It's been really handy (just ask him) lol.
The roof is ON! Just needs shingles! 

So many "helpers"

Anchoring the boards/insulation to the cinder block wall.

Don't forget your eye protection!
In the meantime, I have embroidered the Gila Valley Temple block AND created a pattern for the Gilbert Temple. Enjoy!
Gila Valley Temple

Gilbert Temple