Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paper Piecing---The difficult sections!

Sometimes when you're paper piecing, you come across a difficult shaped piece that stumps you. You seam rip OVER and OVER and get really frustrated!  Here's my method to having these pieces come out perfect nearly every time. 

I have already sewn pieces D1 through D3.  I am on D4.  

If you're familiar with paper piecing you know that I am going to sew the line between piece D3 and piece D4 after getting my fabric in place.  This line is very short, but making sure my fabric is laid out correctly is the tricky part. 

Below: I have flipped my paper over.  I traced the outline of D4 with permanent marker to make it show up better in these pictures.  The back of your pattern won't have these lines because you can use the light to see where your fabric is lining up.

Below: I have placed my fabric RIGHT SIDE UP so that it completely covers section D4. I have taped my piece on a window so you have the benefit of seeing all my lines.  (I normally don't tape my piece to a just gives a better view).   

Below: Flipped back over. You are viewing the top of the paper and the wrong side of the fabric. 

Next, fold on the line between piece D3 and piece D4 as shown in the pictures below.  

Below: Iron the fold to set the crease. 

Below: Open the fold.  See that nice crease? 

Below: Flip the fabric over.  RIGHT SIDE DOWN.  Leave the crease folded and lined up with the fabric below. 

Below: Carefully unfold the end of the fabric as shown below, leaving the creases and fabric lined up. Pin if necessary.  

Below: Sew on the line between D3 and D4. 

Front view

Back view.
 Below: Flip fabric over and iron. Trim seam after ensuring that the fabric still covers section D4.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Butterfly Trick for Paper Piecing

Ever run across a tricky piece in your paper piecing? Try Paper Panache's Butterfly Method to help things sail a little smoother!