Monday, September 29, 2014

Navigating the System, Talk like a Pirate Day, and Picture Day!

What I have been up to lately...let me begin: 

First, it has become a concern that Buddy may need a little extra help with his speech.  When I ask him to say one word, he can repeat it beautifully, but when he says a whole sentence, it is not understandable to strangers and the Favorite sometimes has a rough time understanding it, too! 

So, on September 3rd I got him tested through the public schools pre-screening.  He failed the speech area.  Not because of his individual words, but because of the pronunciation of sentences.  So...they scheduled another test 3 weeks later. 

So, on September 23rd we had another appointment. This one was the real screening.  It was longer. More focused and more 1-on-1 with Buddy and the testing staff.  When it was over, I expected to know if Buddy qualified for the local preschool program, but they were super vague. 

They scheduled an IEP meeting for October 13th, but left me with absolutely no indication of whether he got into their program or not or whether or not he passed or failed their tests.  

So frustrating! 

Other than that, on September 19th (International Talk Like a Pirate Day) we plundered Krispy Kreme and got 4 dozen free DELICIOUS doughnuts! YUM! Here's some picture proof! 

Somehow, taking professional quality pictures of my kids does not happen as often as it should. It's so sad.  Not sure how it happens since I am a photographer...I guess between all of my hobbies and responsibilities, my family's pictures end up taking a back seat.  Here they are! 


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