Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Internet Philosophy 101--A Response to the "Frozen Conspiracy"

Snowman Bum *see explanation at the bottom of the post*
I ranted about this topic on Facebook.  Yep. I did.

Has anyone noticed a trend of "Internet Philosophers?"  I have. And it makes me want to vomit.

It almost makes me think that bloggers are TRYING to write about something that will get 10 bajillion hits. It could be something shocking...or something heart warming...but whatever the case, it's exhausting.

"Let your husband love you."

"I let my wife go."

"Frozen is a huge conspiracy."

You've seen the posts. (If you haven't, you're lucky!)

I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to clicking on these posts.  Sometimes, they do have common sense.  I will admit that.  But, that's the thing. It's common sense.  And, sometimes it's nice to be reminded that you need to be a better spouse/mother/friend/aunt/cousin/sister/customer/student/waitress/flight attendant/mail lady.

But, in all honesty.  I'd like to see more courtesy on the interweb.  I'd like for people to not hide behind their screens and scream at each other.  You would never do that face to face, so why is it okay to type it?

I'd like to see more "real life" being lived.

I'm guilty of checking to see what's new online far too frequently.

Is there even a log out button on Facebook?!?!?!?

I kid. I kid.

And...here's one last question for you.

If you post something on Facebook, and no one is online to "like" it or comment on it, DID IT REALLY HAPPEN!?!?!
*Picture explanation*
Today, Ten, Buddy, and I played with play dough. Buddy wanted to make a snowman.  Once 3 balls of play dough were put together he said it needed eyes.  Once I gave it eyes, he was pleased, but apparently didn't feel the snowman was complete because he said, "Mom, make bum!" and pointed to the backside of the snowman.  So, I did.  Must be all the brainwashing he got from watching the movie Frozen. Pure evil. {LOL}


Cняιsτιηε said...

It's against the rules for kids to have F-U-N. Nope! Not aloud! Why should they be having fun, when kids can be working and making money? Not one cent made to me! ;)

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