Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back Then

A video posted by Wranglerstar back in November (below) reminded me of my days as a YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) supervisor for the US Forest Service.  

Our crew did many conservation projects on the Coronado National Forest.  One of the projects we completed was a new pole fence at Columbine on Mt. Graham. After the trees were felled (by the chainsaw certified supervisor,) our crew skinned the bark off of each log with Pulaskis.  Then, we used MAJOR team work to either carry the logs to the site the fence would be or lift them onto a trailer. Logs are really heavy when they are wet.  Once they dry, they are extremely light in comparison.

The Fence Completed!
We taught the kids how to saddle and ride horses (and/or mules) that belonged to the Forest Service. 
Allison with "Dolly Parton"

2 of my crew members standing outside the tank they had to shovel mud out of.

Preparing a "road block" so that ATVs or Trucks could no longer go into an eroding area.
We had lots of fun.  Here I am with a 5 0'clock shadow.
The other supervisor during our fence construction.

"Road Block" construction

The largest known tree on Mt. Graham

It took 4 people arm to arm to go around the circumference of this tree.

Nice mustache! 


Working the the Arizona summer was not always pleasant,
especially when we didn't get to go up on the mountain.  This was on Frye Mesa. SCORCHING HOT!

1 crew member wiring a log, while the other uses his weight to keep it in place.

Cleaning a natural spring so wildlife can enjoy the water.


Getting the horses ready for the ride.


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