Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coats, Rain, and Dinosaurs! And a cancer update!

Today was one of those days where you have 10 zillion things to do, but don't feel like doing ANY of them!

First, was getting out of bed...yikes I was tired!

Then, a little while later we were headed to the Favorite's and my little Buddy's favorite store of all time. Bass Pro Shop. But...the trip was specifically for me.  I have a COW ELK HUNT coming up this coming week! Am I excited...sort of.  I would say that I'm more nervous that I won't get one! I have cooked with elk hamburger instead of beef hamburger for over 2 years now.  When I taste beef, it tastes funny to me! I suppose you could say that I've gotten used to the all natural, lean meat that comes from an elk.  No artificial hormones or antibiotics in my meat!
Bass Pro in Arizona

We picked up a pair of hiking boots and a pair of gloves previously but had to order in a coat special for me.  They didn't carry any women's coats...just youth and men's. So, we ordered an XL youth coat in and a Small men's coat.  Both were great, but the youth coat won out (along with a thermal underwear top)! It was cheaper, although if I had an unlimited budget I would have picked the men's coat because it had WAY more features and was much warmer.

Wish me luck on my Elk hunt!

Then, we went to a DIFFERENT vacuum repair shop. They accepted the vacuum for repairs.  We will see if the recall was the reason it wasn't working! Much better customer service than the place I went to yesterday!

Then, I took pictures of a friends baby.  Then, I was supposed to have a play date at the park with some friends, but it started RAINING! And, I can't complain too much about that! It would have been fun to see friends, but oh well.

Lastly, I have been dreading packing.  I have been suffering from anxiety a lot lately.  Because today has been so so busy and because I am about to go hunting, I feel anxious. Thankfully, my husband has informed me that packing does NOT have to be done right this moment and that he will help me later.

So, what have I been doing this evening? Wrangling dinosaurs.  I read this book to the little Buddy this afternoon, and he's been acting like a dinosaur ever since.

I guess I never updated this blog with what course of treatment I have chosen for my thyroid cancer.  I went to Dr. P at MD Anderson Cancer center (after first seeing Dr. M, an oncologist and not feeling right about his recommendations).  I have chosen to go with Dr. P's treatment plan.  The plan entails me not doing radioactive iodine therapy YET.  Dr. P wants us to finish having our family first. We don't feel like we're done having kids.  My prognosis won't change.  I may just be setting myself up for more surgery.  As of right now, I am having ultrasounds on my neck every 6-8 weeks just to make sure everything is looking normal.

The last ultrasound I had showed enlarge lymph nodes (uh-oh). I have to go back for a follow up ultrasound guided biopsy very soon. Cross your fingers (but more realistically...PLEASE PRAY!) that everything is normal.  I think it will be.  I went in for the first ultrasound with a sore throat and feeling yucky which can definitely make your lymph nodes enlarged.

Only time will tell.



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