Sunday, December 29, 2013

Helloooo...anyone out there?

I think I've pretty much discovered that I'm an old lady trapped in a younger body.  Let's examine the facts: 

1) I love cooking & baking in all forms.
2) I sew A LOT. 
3) I love gardening (when my dogs don't tear my yard up). 
4) I have cancer (ok this has to do with my body, but basically I think my body is trying to catch up with my mind.) 

I have been in a paper piecing (foundation piecing) mode lately where I have been creating paper piecing patterns.  I taught myself how to make these patterns with free computer program that is available out there. I have a million ideas, but limited time sadly. 

I love this method for quilting! If you can count...and you know your alphabet...and you can sew straight lines (and you can read...which I'm assuming you can since you're on my blog) YOU CAN PAPER PIECE! 


Miss Enota (aka Kristin) at Mpls. Modern Quilt Guild couldn't have said it any better here!  

Here's the patterns I have finished so far.  All are available in my Etsy Shop or my Craftsy shop

I have created patterns for temples by request or out of necessity.  My niece will be getting married on February 14th and I have pieced this together for her and still need to finish it as a wall hanging.  
For the Beautiful KK. Who will soon be the beautiful KC.

Brigham City Temple

Gila Valley Temple

Thanksgiving Pilgrims 

Out of curiosity I there anyone else out there that likes paper piecing and creates their own patterns?  And...THERE IS! 

Kristy @ Quiet Play has some beautiful patterns (here kitchen item themed patterns are my favorite and very inspiring!) 

Kristin from Fave Crafts Blog gives an excellent beginners tutorial

Generations Quilt Patterns offers some free patterns. 

Of course, there's always one of my favorites Paper Panache.  I've done a couple of her patterns! Love them!

Fandom In Stitches is a great page as well.  I've used their patterns before, too! 

Needles and Knowledge has a great pumpkin tutorial that would be beautiful for Thanksgiving! 

The Sometimes Crafter tried a block that turned out beautiful!

I'm still searching for more blogs and fellow paper (foundation) piecers!  

Comment with links to sites if you know of any! 

One more! Sylvia over at Sylvia's Stitches may have become my new favorite! She paper pieces and she is a CANCER SURVIVOR!  You amaze me! Talk about encouraging to hear of a cancer survivor! Thanks for the inspiration!  


Sylvia said...

Hi Allison!
So glad you found me! I enjoyed reading through your blog. I love your paper piecing patterns. Very nice!

I understand what you are going through with your cancer! You are a strong person, and this will be something that you will conquer and put behind you. Another chapter in your life story. Contact me if you ever need to talk. :-)

Sylvia's Stitches

Stimpson Family said...

Sorry it's late and I'm not a big chatter, so strait to the point. Are you planning on creating patterns for more temples? I'm happy to offer suggestions ;).

Allison said...

Hi Stimpson Family, I am planning on doing more temple patterns as I get to them! What is your suggestion???? I wish I had about 5 of me to get more done!

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