Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Courtesy...not so common any more!

Today was interesting.  Let me set the scene for you. My vacuum is like this one:

A little history:
I have had this vacuum for 4+ years...I know this, because I bought it shortly after I married the Favorite (my husband).  

It's been a really great vacuum.  You really can't beat it for $99 (but I don't think it was $99 when I bought it!). But...I do have some gripes.  I really liked the cord rewind feature...at first. 

That was until my little Buddy joined our family.  That cord rewinder is the funnest thing you have ever seen! Loads of fun were had, UNTIL the cord was pulled out far past the red tape that was supposed to indicate that the limits had been pushed far enough! How is a 2 year old supposed to know that red means stop???

Not to mention that the cord must have been run over by the vacuum at some point so the rubber coating surrounding the wires has been nicked...but no wires are showing through...yet. The Favorite put some electrical tape on that spot...good as new RIGHT???? 

Well a couple weeks ago, my vacuum wouldn't even turn on. The Favorite took it apart but couldn't find the issue.  This is the point when we usually google it. 



So...today I took it to a local Sew n' Vac shop to get it repaired per the recall.

I walked into the shop and was "greeted" by a grey haired man. I use that term loosely because to me the word "greeting" sounds cordial. He wasn't.

Here's how our conversation went (roughly).

Me: Hi, I brought my vacuum in because there is a recall and my vacuum isn't working most likely due to the bad part.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: Hmm...Let me see.  Why isn't the cord wound up?

Me: The rewinder is broken. My son broke it.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: Your SON broke it?
Look at that little angel...wearing my glasses and holding my kindle!

Me: Yes, he's 2.  I can't stop him from playing with it.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: What do you mean you can't stop him? You're the MOM.

Me: (Doing my best to ignore that snide comment) Yep. The last time I buy an automatic rewinder.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: What is this tape on the cord.

Me: Oh. My husband put that there. There is a nick in the cord so he put that there.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: (Scoffs). And you think that the recalled part is the issue???

Me: Well, it worked perfectly fine up until last week.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: Well, I guess I can try to turn it on.

Me: It won't work. It doesn't have any power.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: (Plugging it in). We'll just see. (Presses button).

Loud "POP" comes from vacuum. Breaker flips. 

(In my defense, I told him it wouldn't work.)

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: Did you hear that!?!?!?!??!

Me: Yes. It didn't ever do that before though.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: This is NOT a recall issue. You just need to buy a new vacuum.

Me: Yeah, I was afraid of that. I will just have to look for a new vacuum in the near future.

Mr. Jerky Vacuum Man: HELLO! You're IN a vacuum store.

Me: (Thinking again how rude this guy is...does he not realize that I know where I am?) Well, I can't AFFORD a vacuum right now. You know with CHRISTMAS and everything coming up!?!?!?

Him: I guess I can understand that. Makes sense.

Lovely, right?  I know that my vacuum has possibly been through the ringer, but I really do believe (and so does the Favorite) that it has to do with the recall.  Considering that the cord has been tugged a little too hard by small hands and all. Here is what the recall says:

"Hoover, Inc. has voluntarily alerted the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of a possible defect that could pose a safety hazard in select models of the WindTunnel T-Series family of upright vacuums. Hoover will repair the vacuums with a new cord rewind assembly at no charge to you. Please watch the video to see if your unit is affected.


This alert is limited to select models of the Hoover® WindTunnel T-Series™ Bagless Upright vacuums. Specifically, models with the cord rewind feature, which is designed to retract the power cord for storage. Some of the power cords may not be routed properly or securely seated in the cord rewind assembly. Power cords could be pulled loose, causing a potential fire or shock hazard. To date, there have been 3 reports of minor burns to carpet and furniture, and 1 report of a minor burn to the hand, which did not require medical attention. Hoover®WindTunnel T-Series™ Bagless Upright vacuums without the Cord Rewind Feature are NOT affected."

Hoover's website continues that they will repair the cord rewind assembly at no cost to you. That's all I ask. That it be repaired. It may not fix the issue, but for pete's sake honor my recall man!

But honestly...you expect me to buy a vacuum from you after insulting my parenting skills and acting like I was an idiot? Dream on.
Toilet paper CAN be an outfit! 
I can buy a vacuum from a lot of other places.  You will NEVER have my business, sir! And, I will definitely NOT recommend your store to anyone.


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Great story! Maybe add a pic of the taped cord or the vacuum store front.

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