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Whole Wheat--Healthier for you tortillas

Here's my tutorial on making homemade tortillas. This recipe can be done many different ways.  I will try to include any/all variations I have ever tried. Please comment and let us know if you try anything different and how it turned out! FULL RECIPE IS AT THE BOTTOM!

If you're sensitive you may need a pair of ear muffs...I warned you! lol
Blendtec Kitchen Mill. It's loud (but aren't they all?) but not as loud as some I've heard.  It works great, but works better if you take the filter out and replace it every so often while grinding. The filters can we rinsed in water, but have to dry completely (like 24+ hours before you use it again). Mine came with 5 or so, so that's not an issue.

When I quadruple the recipe it BARELY fits in my BOSCH mixer. BUT IT FITS! I used to have a "Champ" mixer similar to this one on Amazon and it only fit 3 times the recipe.  But, I find that tortillas are best made in large batches! They go quick at my house! So if I make them...I might as well MAKE THEM (if you know what I mean)!

Step 2 : Measure out your wheat flour (16 C.). Baking powder (1 tsp). and Salt (1/4 C.)---I know that seems like a lot of salt, but it's not!

See how full the Bosch is already?
Stir that all up! 

Step 3: Add the applesauce (2/3 C.) and oil (2/3 C.)  The original recipe calls for 1 1/3 C. of oil or shortening or lard.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE lard in my tortillas, but when I'm trying to go healthier, I use half applesauce and half olive oil.  
If you measure the oil first, the applesauce just "slips" right
out of the measuring cup! I love that!

I know what you're thinking..."APPLESAUCE!!! IN TORTILLAS???" 

Just trust me on this.  They are great!

NOW-Mix that all up until the oil/applesauce is thoroughly distributed throughout.

Step 4: Add warm water (7 C.) all at once.  You will need your Bosch ring and lid for this step.  Or you will need a mop and rags and kleenex (for all the tears you will shed)...your choice really.

Once the water is added, attach the lid and mix until the dough is a consistent texture throughout.  

Here's mine! 
The dough is going to be STICKY STICKY STICKY! That's why the rings have got to come off!

Step 5: Get greased up! The more oil/shortening on your hands the better! The dough is ready to be divided.  Because I quadrupled it, this recipe should make about 64 tortillas. If you like, you can divide the dough in half, and then divide each half in half, and so on and so forth.  I prefer to eyeball it. But, I've done this many many times. This time I only got 54 tortillas out of the recipe, but they are bigger!

Use your hands to form balls (but be warned, when they are set down, they are too squishy to hold their shape well). Make sure they are covered in a nice coating of oil/shortening/lard (whatever you use). Re-oil your hands OFTEN! I can't stress the importance of oiling these babies enough! Set on cookie sheets (or wax paper if you prefer less dishes), cover with a dish towel, and LET THEM REST for about 10 minutes or so.

Look at those lazy things! 
Step 5: After you have preheated your CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker (yep! I'm a cheater! And this bad boy is worth EVERY PENNY).

Place one "ball" at a time just slightly towards the back of center close the lid and press down with the bar slowly yet firmly. Don't press too will blow holes in your tortilla, but don't be too soft either or your tortilla will be too thick.  This will take some practice.  Pay attention to the sounds the dough is making (I like to call it a whistle).  The sound helps me judge when I've pressed enough. White flour tortillas take a lighter hand.  Wheat tortillas take a bit more muscle.

Remove your tortilla from the heat and stack on a towel to cool down.  

Your tortilla maker will look like mine when you're done.  Clean as directed in your instruction manual. It's not hard to get clean though, it's surfaces are non-stick.

(Notice the crockpot? That's pinto beans. Homemade refried beans and homemade tortillas...yum yum!)

These tortillas are still considered "raw" but by if you feel the need you can eat them, nothing in them needs cooked.

I usually freeze/refrigerate my tortillas raw.  In order to do this, you will need to spray in between each tortilla with cooking spray (Pam) to allow easy separation when you're ready to cook them (you only need to spray one side and put sprayed side of one to raw side of the next). Then, I store them in zipper bags and pull them out of my freezer as needed.   

To cook them, I use a cast iron skillet.  Tortillas need a lot of heat to cook correctly.  I let my skillet heat up for a few minutes before cooking.

To give you an idea of how hot I get my skillet: my range goes from 1 to 9 plus has a "high" setting.  I heat the pan up on 8. Sometimes, if I'm cooking a lot of tortillas, I will have to turn it down to 6 1/2 or 7.

The tortillas should only take a brief amount of time (less than 20 seconds) to get the little dark brown spots you usually see on tortillas.  Once those spots show up, flip to the other side.  The 2nd side should cook even faster.


Here is the full recipe:

Single Recipe (Mixed by hand):
4 C. Flour (white or wheat)
¼ tsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. salt
1/3 C. shortening or lard or olive oil (if you use shortening, be sure to use Crisco brand, also note that you can use a mixture of oil and applesauce but I don't recommend replacing more than half of the oil)
1 ¾ C. warm water

Mix dry ingredients. Cut in shortening. Add water and knead by hand. Pinch into 16 golf ball sizes of dough. Let sit for 10 minutes. Roll with flour and cook on stove.

Quadruple Batch (Bosch Directions):
16 C. flour (white or wheat)
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 C. salt
1-1/3 C. shortening or lard or olive oil 
(if you use shortening, be sure to use Crisco brand, also note that you can use a mixture of oil and applesauce but I don't recommend replacing more than half of the oil)
7 C. warm water

Mix dry ingredients in Bosch. Mix in oil (and applesauce if used). Pour in water all at once and mix until well combined. Dough will be extremely sticky. Dump out onto well oiled counter. Make sure your hands are well oiled. Split dough into four even parts. Split again and again until each of the original four are split into 16 balls. (64 total). Roll each ball in your well oiled hands. Place on an oiled cookie sheet or wax paper and cover. Let rest for 10-15 minutes. Heat opened tortilla press for five minutes. Place balls one at a time just to the back of the center of press. Close lid and handle with a firm and slow pressure. Cook for about 5-10 seconds. Open press and slide tortilla off onto a towel. When all tortillas are pressed and cooled, spray in between each tortilla with cooking spray (Pam) to allow easy separation when you're ready to cook them 
(you only need to spray one side and put sprayed side of one to raw side of the next). When ready to use, cook tortillas on a really hot griddle just like the ones you get in the grocery store in dough form. You can cook up a bunch at one time or freeze/refrigerate them raw.

***this recipe is a recipe I got from my sister. It is titled "Lollie's Tortillas." Lollie must be an amazing tortilla maker. YUM!


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